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Wednesday, April 27

Destroying Misinformed Health Advocates With Nature's Occam's Razor!

I left this message after reading the article

Fermented Foods - The Myths Of Fermented Foods:

I wanted to reply to your article about fermented food as a junk food... as I always eat some sort of predigested food since I had cancer. My radiation therapy to my face destroyed my saliva glands, food was hard for me to eat until I learned about fermentation.

What really resonated with me about the utility of predigested food is the nature of a cow... or any other animal with a big fermentation stomach.

-- 70% of a cows energy needs are met with fatty acid substances like vinegar. Fatty acids are the brain's preferred food over glucose.
-- the microbial bodies themsevles become a high-protein food for the 900 pound cow!
-- The cow can go anywhere and eat the plentiful grasses growing everywhere and be just fine. All because of it's adaptation of its fermentation guts.
-- the cows last stomach is similar to ours.

So, with this adaptation the cow has. What can we learn about this magnificent animal? Fermentation of its food is vitally important to it. Why wouldn't the cows nature also apply to ours? Fermentation is our attempt to replicate the rumen.

I would enjoy your thoughts on my comment.

Lewis Habben
The fact of the matter is food needs to find its way into your bloodstream as fast as possible. Bacterial enzymes split food into smaller and smaller pieces similar to animals. Because of this, the enzyme load of predigested food has got to be less.

Something that I totally could not agree with in his article is his claim that vinegar is indigestible. It is a short chain fatty acid, according to the wikipedia, "Short-chain fatty acids, just as medium-chain fatty acids, are taken up directly to the portal vein during lipid digestion"

I think the guy who wrote the article just got some bad info. Couple that with a societal aversion with microbes in food and his raw foodist proclivity, hell I could even fall prey to my own skepticism. Thats why we all must continually critque ourselves.

So, bye bye and sincerely I say,Keep your head out of the sand and feet in the water.

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