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Tuesday, March 29

New-clear Falling-out: Calming the US Anxiety from the Fukushima Disaster

Japan has suffered two of the worst nature disasters a country can be touched by- an earthquake and tsunami. But not all things that are tragic are so simply because of an event, but the reaction to it. So, I feel compelled to add my voice to this wilderness of communication because the news doesn't work in the best interest of the people. So, it's we people who need to retain our critical thinking skills to wade through the junk news. Hopefully, I've done so and kept my bias toward the corporate media at bay. Scrutinize my claims.

What is so bad about nuclear fallout?
Aside from the toxic heavy metals like cesium, strontium, and plutonium, the alpha and beta radiation emitted smash into your DNA and cause free-radicals to muck up the duplication process of your everyday metabolism, cause cancer and whatnot. That’s what common knowledge says. It is my understanding that cancerous cells occur within your body all the time and it has mechanisms to deal with them; most notably and strangely underrated, one of which includes iodine. Here is where I'm at odds with the corporate media and the monkey crap they fling on a daily basis. Unforgivably, they've said iodine will not help anyone protect themselves against the fallout, which has given me impetus for my own 'falling out' from anything further they have to say; my news comes to me from my own searching. Not spoon-fed to me by them.

Iodine as a chelating agent.
What radioactive particles do to complicate the regulatory action of iodine and the thyroid hormone T3 and T4 (the 3 & 4 even designate how many atoms of iodine are in the molecule!) is [they] populate the thyroid with radioactive iodine and other particles you happen to come into contact with!! This is especially more true when your thyroid is deficient in iodine, which so happens, 95% of America's population is iodine deficient and Japan's seafood eating population gets 13mg daily!!! (If you compare 13 mg with the comically appalling 0.15mg the RDA touts as divine government scripture, Japan is 867% RDA) So, whatever troubles Japan may be in, they are infinitely more prepared for it than America.

America's stealth danger in its food supply.
I must add to this sorry state of affairs by scrutinizing America's food and water supply, because it is part of the reason why America is iodine-deficient. How does an industrial waste, Hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6), become a ubiquitous medication in our everyday food and water? A mass marketing deception campaign by... dare I say, corporations and their controlled bureaucracies. Hell, my chemotherapy poison was 5-Fluorouracil.

More-on Fluorine Debate
Well, maybe fluorine in the water isn't all that bad... yes it is. Don’t fall prey to the Stockholm syndrome mentality. Not only is it not needed to keep your teeth healthy (I've been brushing with just Plain Jane water for 8 months, as well as eating probiotic, self-cultured foods - ZERO complaints), it is a slow cumulative poison (like lead) that you can’t get rid of except with the chelating power of iodine. When you are iodine deficient, it actually kicks out the iodine from the thyroid and forces you to use fluorine (or any other halide) in T3 & T4 hormone. These are hormones that direct every other cell in your body in metabolism! Bromine is another halide that will compete with iodine the same way fluoride does but, I don't know how widespread it's used. It is found in our bread (used as an anticaking agent) and pop like Squirt, Mountain Dew. These are two of the reasons why America is iodine-deficient, which leading to widespread hypothyroidism, lowered IQ, being overweight, and prone to sickness and cancer.

Also, lowered IQs and poor performance by children in school can be attributed to their increased susceptibility to fluoride. It follows that they would also be more susceptible to the radioactivity coming from Japan. Their bodies are smaller, and because of hormone production, iodine requirements are larger. They have the most to gain and to lose from iodine. Pregnant women are next in line. <---This is where I found my own new-clear fall-out from the TV media. Their lies of omission, as well as outright lies, do nothing to protect our most defenseless people. They are a big pitiful joke. They've misled us through 9/11, the Iraq War, the Katrina nightmare, the financial treachery of the banks during the recent depression, and most recently what Americans must do to protect themselves from the fallout.

My post ends on an optimistic high note, for truth and knowledge sets us all free. A well supplied thyroid gland, will chelate most of the radioactive particles you come into contact with and will be harmlessly sent down the toil-it bowl, instead of being absorbed into your bio-mechanics. To interject my zymovore angle, it is known that microorganisms have the ability to render soluble radioactive particles insoluble, thus unabsorbable and passed harmlessly out of the body by our urine and feces. So, if you are worried about radioactive milk, let bacteria culture your milk. They make it easier to digest, too! They are our allies in the "War on the Body."

Yes, Japan has suffered two of the worst natural disasters and a nuclear catastrophe that will impact the environment for decades, but the lasting tragedy is our lack of understanding of the role iodine plays in health, as well as aiding the body in preventing cancer(s). Dr. Brownstein has brought to attention a lot of what I've written here. Google him if you want a PhD’s advice.
So the FDA, EPA, CDC, alphabet soup of bureaucracies haven't evaluated my statements and probably never will, currently they are irrelevant corporate mouthpieces... Whether that will ever change is anyone’s guess; sadly, money talks. My advice is a sum of my experiences, incessant push for truth, and infinite scrutiny towards any consensuses, authority, or experts. Truth stands on its own regardless of the titular prefix headlining it. I claim no authority, only good-will, worldwide, toward people who are subjected to the ill-intentioned dictum of self-important technocrats. I wish you success in using the knowledge I've presented.
So, bye bye and sincerely I say,Keep your head out of the sand and feet in the water.